Effectiveness and Sustainability

Precision farming

A marked increase in productivity with a high degree of sustainability

The highest quality with the most efficient possible use of energy sources

The Siberia Greenhouse system constantly adapts to outdoor weather conditions to maximize natural inputs “at zero energy cost” (heat, sunshine, air, water) and provide plants with an optimal environment 24 hours a day which allows them to grow in peace with virtually no chemical inputs required. The process, from sowing to packaging, is automated and carried out entirely within a closed-up system, under the same roof, and at an almost continuous rate of turn-over. Every square metre of the 13 hectares is optimized.

Thus, we grow on average 30% faster and 10 times more than a field-grown crop, in summer and winter alike. This allows us to produce according to demand, so that we do not harvest unnecessarily, which eliminates product waste as well as organic and energy waste. Water use is reduced by 90%, CO2 emissions are zero and the energy used is entirely renewable (wind, hydro).

The vegetables, which are immediately harvested and packaged, are almost instantly shipped, have an exceptional level of uniformity, a longer shelf life and extremely low or indeed entirely absent levels of residue.

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The latest innovations in optimization

On the 13 hectares of our Greenhouse, seeds are planted in biodegradable fiber pots that are placed in crop gutters. Seedlings remain in the same pot until harvested. After sowing, the gutter is immediately transferred to a germination chamber where the seeds are kept at 95% humidity for around two days. It is then moved to its growing bed in the open air under glass panels, where the plants will grow 24 hours a day, reaching maturity in around 7 weeks. Twice during this process, the pots are moved into a larger gutter while already large plants need more space to flourish. Finally, when they are ready to harvest, the gutters are transferred directly from the growing beds to the packaging area. The entire automated process is monitored by our team.