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Siberia Greenhouse is part of the Fossa Eugenia cooperative which, since 1995, has been supplying distributors and catering specialists in fifteen European countries including Holland, Germany, Belgium, France, England and Italy. Fossa Eugenia represents more than 40 producers from the Limburg region, in Holland, and offers a range of more than forty products including vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs.

Strengthening the Supply chain

Fossa Eugenia is working intensively to become a preferred supplier. The objective is to deliver 50% of the products directly to the client in 2023 (38% in 2017) by focusing on the development of the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and data analysis. We hope that this will lead to greater efficiency both internally and in the supply chain, with the goal of getting the right product on the shelves at the right time. Fossa Eugenia also wants to raise consumer awareness on health and sustainability issues.

Strengthening the Product line

Fossa Eugenia is aiming for growth in volume. Our work is now therefore focused on expanding the range (more varieties, sorting and packaging according to the market), the potential to produce all year round, the search for new buyers, new markets, as well as on strengthening sustainability and quality.

Stimulating the sector in a Sustainable way

Fossa Eugenia is working on reducing the use of fossil fuels, protective substances and nutriments by investing in technical and biological processes such as buffer tanks, precision fertilizing machines and natural inputs.