Responsible Technique

Sustainable Agriculture

Meeting growing consumption needs while preserving the environment

A set of energy-efficient processes

Siberia Greenhouse is an off-ground production system that guides and takes advantage of natural biological processes without compromising the potential for environmental renewal. This involves the use of a meticulously calculated set of energy-efficient processes, which make it possible to regulate the growing conditions of our vegetables in a sustainable way. The creation of the system is the result of collaboration between our visionary agronomists and highly skilled engineers.

  • Rainwater is collected, stored and then injected into crop gutters. Once the plants have used it, the unused excess is re-injected into the basins for reuse. The hydroponic system is very water-efficient, this limits its use by 90%.
  • The sun nourishes the plants until they have received their optimal ration of radiation and / or heat, after which the blackout panels close to shut out the sun.
  • A system of LED lamps, whose intensity is adjusted as needed, replaces the Sun when it can’t guarantee sufficient intake. The vital advantage of the system is that it is adjustable zone by zone, which makes it possible to regulate the inputs according to what is needed at any given place or time.
  • Outdoor ambient air is used to regulate the temperature, ventilation and humidity level of the Greenhouse thanks to the glass panels and fans which only activate when required.
  • A Biomass system is activated to heat rainwater contained in the piping system for the Greenhouse when the previous processes do not provide enough heat.
  • The Energy required to operate Siberia Greenhouse is fully renewable (wind and hydroelectric sources).
  • The hydroponic system makes it possible to overcome the constraints of the ground. The Greenhouse is therefore built on a wasteland and has no impact on the soil.
  • The bio-degradable fiber pots in which vegetables grow are either recycled or sold with them.
Infographic Siberia

The objective is to make maximum use of nature as a factor of production while maintaining its capacity for renewal. This systemic approach helps optimize technical and economic results while increasing environmental performance.

The challenge today is to produce more food over the next four decades than all farmers of history have harvested in the past 8,000 years, by massively reducing water use and fossil fuels. Agroecology, and therefore Siberia Greenhouse, are solutions which are encouraged by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) since the report of March 8, 2018.