Healthy Vegetables

An ultra-secure System

A guarantee of superior quality for our customers and for the consumer

From growing beds to our customers’ warehouses

The production process – from sowing to packaging – takes place entirely in a closed-up system, under the same roof. In 10 minutes, the instantly packaged vegetables are placed on a pallet and transferred to the shipping area. Then, within a few hours, one of our trucks collects the merchandise to drive it directly to our customers. Food safety and freshness conditions are thus maximized and the production chain is reinforced.

Internal and external control

Under conditions that comply with the strictest quality and health standards, our initial guarantee of a “closed-up production system” is backed up by intensive monitoring carried out internally by our quality department and reinforced by the external surveillance of various certification bodies.

We hold the following quality certifications:

planet proof

The independent label ‘On the way to PlanetProof’ indicates that the products customers buy have been produced in a more sustainable way and are, therefore, better for nature, the environment, the climate and animals. Click here for the certificate

global gap

GlobalGAP is the overarching European umbrella standard for quality and food safety in the primary production of agricultural products intended for human consumption. Click here for the certificate.

ifs logo

Since 2010, Siberia Greenhouse has been certified according to the IFS Broker Standard and can therefore deliver directly to German chain stores.